10 Android Apps Every Android User Must Have

10 Android Apps Every Android User Must Have
In this post, I’ll be listing my favorite and the most useful android apps. If you’re an Android user then I encourage you to have all these apps. But, before getting started, as we all know that android is based on Linux kernel (Hands down to Linux) and we all know how great Linux is in actual. In fact, I believe they’re the reason why we have so many open-source things available on the internet. Google at first financially backed them and then later bought Android in 2005. In 2007 it was released.

Well, enough talks about history I guess, So let’s move on to the topic.
P.S: They’re not in any particular order & I ‘ll be listing apps only I think are necessary.

10 Android Apps Every Android User Must Have

10 Android Apps Every Android User Must Have


As the technology has evolved things are getting cheaper and cheaper. As, the technology advanced Whatsapp also made it’s way through it and became a revolutionary app. Every second or third smartphone user has Whatsapp on his/her phone. On average Whatsapp is getting 1 million new users daily signing up, beating other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., by a great margin & why not? With a smartphone, Whatsapp and internet connection you can sendtext messages, voice messages, videos, photographs and other digital media absolutely free. It’s easy interface and phone number based system is just amazing.


Reading news on the go has never been so easy. Flipboard does an amazing job. You can read about absolutely any kind of news without any hazel. Beautiful and easy interference makes it even better. It also features that the users can connect Flipboard to 12 different social networks and can share news all over the place.
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I guess this app is not appreciated as it should be. The app has tons of features to super optimize you android device. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is really beautiful and make me run it even though I don’t want to. It acts as an antivirus, speed optimizer, privacy locker, anti-theft, cloud backup, etc., This app is one of the best apps I have ever came across. One of it’s feature is called Game Speeder -Game Speeder releases memory to make games run smoothly without lag or game-play disturbance. Amazing, right? There are many such features and I please IOBIT for creating it.


Though, this app is not necessity but can be really helpful at times. You can use ORBOT to browse anonymously online and not only that you can use it to browse restricted website online. You can also use it to create and browse “.onion” domain extension site which are exclusively available to tor users. Time to access the ‘Dark Web’. 😉Select your IP Manually as wish


10 Android Apps Every Android User Must Have

10 Android Apps Every Android User Must Have

Google Translator is a life saver when it comes to understanding unfamiliar languages and speaking them. Say you’re travelling in China and you’re lost. You want to ask something from the local public but they’re unable to speak or understand your language then what will you do? Ah, type it in Google Translator, translate it into Chinese and hit the listen button and you’re done. The app is extremely handy. Must have.Get Google AdSense Account for Free


I guess you may have came along Groupon while searching for coupons online. Say, you want to try a new restaurant around your place and don’t want to blow away huge money if the food results to be tasteless and then you regret later. You can search Groupon in that case and get a coupon if available and get a discount at least you won’t regret that much.


This app is simply amazing specially if you’re in the U.S. You can get a number of amazing deals with this app and also can send money to anyone in the U.S just by knowing their email id. Also, many website’s use Google Wallet as their payment processors. It can even carry a balance and can be used in stores which process Google Wallet. Always handy when you’re lacking cash.


10 Android Apps Every Android User Must Have

10 Android Apps Every Android User Must Have

One of the most popular app on Google play store, Go Launcher is an amazing look optimizer for your phone. With over 10,000+ different themes available on play store it makes it even more diverse and beautiful. With a lot of amazing features it is just perfect for you to stand out of the crowd by having a incredible interface of your phone which you can achieve with it.


It’s an incredible app for backing up all your files from A to Z. Keep you files safe and update them regularly. Copy.com will provide you with 15 GB of free storage which is more than enough I believe. Just configure it and have automatic backup’s running from time to time so you don’t have to worry about your data being safe. Why take chances when you have such free services available.

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I guess I don’t need to introduce this app but for the sake of this post I will. Dictionary is really important and handy as well. Dictionary.com is no ordinary dictionary app. I believe it has all the words one can speak, there is a spell it option that will spell the word, word of the day – you can learn a new word daily and a hell lot of features excelling other ordinary dictionary’s.

I think that’s it for the day. Hope you liked the post. Though, this list is short, there are many other wonderful and handy apps one must have. Tell us what is your most favorite app in the comments.

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