Stylish “About Me” Widget With Hover Effect

Stylish “About Me” Widget With Hover Effect
Hello Guys, today I would be sharing an attractive and stylish widget for blogger platform that you won’t find easily on the web.Today morning, I was thinking what to share with you that could also help you. So after going through many topics, I made up my mind to share Stylish About Me Widget for Blogger Platform with you.So, I searched through my collection and find out a stylish and attractive “About Me” widget that would not increase the loading time of your blog too…

I will share the widget with you all but, before that, I would like to tell you what an “About Me” widget is, as many of the newbies don’t know much about it

Stylish “About Me” Widget With Hover Effect

Stylish “About Me” Widget With Hover Effect

About Me Widget

About me widget is a widget that displays the author details in the sidebar , footer or at your desired location in the blog of single person or a team. There is a strong reason for personal bloggers to use about me widget as this completely describes about the author and help them directly connect with you.

WordPress users have many plugins available over the web that they can install on their WordPress blogs to place an about me widget at their desired location but, blogger platform users lacks this facility.We have to get html/javascript codes if we want to use such a widget on blogger blog. There are not many About Me widgets available over the web for blogger users but even the avaialble ones don’t provide you such features. What seperates this widget from rest of the crowd are its amazing features.Following are some of the features of this about me widget:

  • Fast loading widget.
  • Especially built with CSS and HTML5.
  • Easy installation.
  • Responsive with almost all browsers.
  • Awesome stylish looks.
  • Amazing image hover effect.

For your convenience, i’ve embedded the widget in this post also so that you can check out its features. Have a look at it…


Stylish “About Me” Widget With Hover Effect

Stylish “About Me” Widget With Hover Effect

  • Login to your Blogger dashboard. Select the desired blog (If more than one).


  • Go to Layout. >> Add a widget.
  • Scroll down and select html/javascript.
  • Now a new tab will open. Download the below code, copy & paste it in the content section.
  • Leave the title space empty.


  • Save it and you’re done

Customizing “About Me” Widget.

  • Replace “Man Behind This Site” with your desirable name.
  •  Replace “Your Author Bio” with your own author bio.
  •  Replace “Your About Page Link” with your about page link.
So, I hope that by now you would be able to install this stylish “About Me” widget for blogger platform on your blog successfully.
         Even though, If you face any problem regarding installing this widget…Please let us know in the comments.
As, I always say that you all are the life of this blog, so I would like to recieve the feedback by comments that how’s the widget…:
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